Military Family Resources

This page is dedicated to making life a little bit easier for the military family. For now these links should provide some good information about some of the resources available to the military family. In the next couple of weeks we plan on adding our own information.

Please help us keep this page up to date by sending us information about your base or anything else you feel would benefit other military families.


  • Sgt MOM SGT Mom's - ...I wish we had thought of it first... all sorts of great military family info.

  •  NACEC Military Family Support Services - Relays messages to military members all over the world, with or without a home computer. Relies on volunteers at bases worldwide to provide these services.

  • Military Family Institute Home Page - Conducts studies regarding the military family and publishes the results.

  • Armed Forces.COM Armed Forces.COM - Well organized site with excellent information related to all branches of the military and for military families.

  • SITES SITES - Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service. This is the web version of the SITES books available at your local base Family Support Center.

  • Air Base The Air Base Home Page - Take an online tour of what it would be like to be in the Air Force. From an Air Force Recruiter's point of view.

  • Mil Spouse Support Network Military Spouse Support Network - Aimed at spouses of TDY, deployed and remote military members.

  • NMFA National Military Family Resources - Work to resolve military family issues.

  • Flag Military Spouse Alliance - Great organization trying to help save our CONSTANTLY eroding military benefits.

  • Military Spouse Net - LOADS of good resources for military spouses... great chat section.

  • AAFES AAFES - Army Air Force Exchange Service. The military's favorite shopping experience.

  •  Kraft Salute to the Military - Apparently Kraft has figured out that the military likes to eat.... Good start to a site that will be useful.


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